No Credit Mobile Phones

Fed up that because you’ve, like many of us, found yourself suffering from a bad credit score that you can’t get a mobile phone contract? Well put a smile back on your face because we’re here to show you how you can get no credit check mobile phones. You may also be surprised to learn it’s not from some unknown network, but that actually a lot of the main companies will be willing to give you a mobile phone even with bad credit.

You will find that many people will tell you it’s not worth even going after a deal if you’ve got bad credit. This is where we disagree. Getting a good no credit check mobile phone deal that you are able to keep up payments with can do a great deal to help your credit status which could end up helping you in the future. It’s also important to know that while these contracts are being marketed as “no credit check mobile phones”, it’s not completely true. The law now states that you have to go through a credit check, but don’t worry. If you explain your circumstances up front before applying for any contract, it’s likely the networks will create some that works for your position and will allow you to pass the credit check.

And what’s even better is that you’re not only likely to get a no credit mobile phone these days, but also a whole range of opportunities to get a free gift to go with it that could be anything from cashback to televisions, laptops and games consoles. This can make these contracts even more enticing as it means that you’re able to get other products that you might also be refused because of your credit standing. So our advice is to not give up on the idea of getting your dream mobile phone. In fact it’s quite the opposite. You should go out there and talk to the companies about your situation. These companies want your business and getting signed up to them can help your credit rating so it really is a win win situation. The reaons that many people with bad credit fail to get phones is because they go after the high end deals that a lot of people, even without bad credit, struggle to afford so it’s no surprise they see somewhere who has, through no fault of their own, got bad credit as something of a risk. Your best bet is to aim small. Tell the phone companies that you need something close to a no credit check mobile phone offer and what can they provide you with. Being more open with them from the off will tend to see you get much better service and often phones. Rush into it wanting everything for nothing and you’ll likely to suffer quite the opposite problem!

Photo by 21482729@N07

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